Front Entry

Entry doors provide function and add character to our home our building. Front entry doors, rear entry doors, and service doors, Clearview can help you select entry doors that will compliment the design of your home or building, will withstand the frequent operation required of an entry door and will be suitable for the demands of our climate. Our low humidity, intense sun and our temperature range makes for a harsh environment for entry doors, requiring careful selection of doors for each of your entryways. Most often more than on type of door is required for a home or building project. Replacement doors, doors for historic renovation, fire resistant doors, decorative iron doors, fiberglass doors, steel doors, whatever your need, we have the right door for your entryways.

Wood Entry Doors Wood entry doors can be add a significant design feature to your home. Beauty, dramatic statement, size, single panel, double panel, solid, decorative glass inserts, side lights, transoms, wood species, panel detailing, architectural style, the options are almost endless. Whether you want a standard design or a custom front entry door, we can help you select a door that will compliment the architecture of you home and add beauty and impact to you entry. Wood entry doors may be ordered distressed, prefinished and with a variety of options and decorative hardware attached (strap hinges, clavos, speakeasy and more).

Our climate offers challenges for wood doors; low humidity, intense sun, broad range of temperatures, driving wind, rain and snow. Not all wood entry doors can stand up to our elements. Wood species must be naturally weather resistant, the entry door structure must withstand our changes in temperature and humidity without excessive dimensional change or distortion, and of course the door must provide weather protection and security.

After careful evaluation of many wood entry door lines we have chosen to offer fine wood doors from Caoba. Caoba offers design choice and flexibility, choice of weather resistant wood species. Caoba entry doors are well designed, well built doors with careful attention to detail and appearance.

Clearview supplies pre-hung doors suitable for replacement door or new construction applications.

Fiberglass Entry Doors Beautifully crafted, energy efficient, secure and easy to maintain, fiberglass entry doors do it all. Fiberglass doors are a durable alternative to wood doors and steel door. Fiberglass entry doors are well suited to our demanding Colorado climate. Fiberglass exterior doors resist warping, shrinking, splitting and delaminating, problems that are characteristic of wood doors other than premium wood doors. With fiberglass entry doors you can select from a variety of finishes; smooth, oak grain, mahogany grain, fir grain finishes are all available. The wood grain finishes are remarkably true to life. Fiberglass doors can be painted or stained to compliment the exterior and interior appearance of your home.

We represent two manufactures of quality fiberglass doors: Therma Tru and Peachtree. Supplying doors from both Companies allows us to offer you a broad range of door designs, exterior and interior finishes, as well as a choice of price points. Many of the fiberglass door selections are Energy Star rated.

Our fiberglass doors are pre-hung by the manufacturer for ease of installation. Replacement doors, new construction doors, doors for remodeling applications, fiberglass doors are suitable for most types of projects.

Steel Entry Doors Steel entry doors may be used for any entry door application; front and rear entry doors, doors between the garage and your home, service doors from the garage to the outside. As long as you want a painted door, steel doors may be choice for you; affordable, durable, low maintenance, weather resistant, secure. We supply Therma Tru Steel Entry Door Systems. Style of door, decorative glass inserts, all common sizes, fir rated, Therma Tru and Clearview have the steel entry door that will work for you.

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