If you wish to bring daylight into a room or interior space that cannot be satisfied by conventional windows, then skylights may be your solution. Skylights are considered day lighting solutions and come in two general types; conventional skylights, essentially roof windows, and tubular skylights. Whichever type you select, they serve the same purpose, bringing daylight into your interior space through the roof.

Conventional Skylights There are many brands of skylights and types of materials/construction used in skylights. Since skylights are installed in your roof, Clearview believes that only high quality products should be used in this application. Durability, designed for leak resistance, impact resistance, interior and exterior appearance are all importance considerations. At Clearview we only sell Velux Skylights. We believe Velux offer the best balance of quality durability, and leak resistance for a product to be installed in your roof.

Choices – size, fixed or operating, with or without blinds, conventional roof, steep/near vertical roof, manual or remote powered operators and blinds, whatever your application needs and whatever options you prefer we can work with you to select the correct Velux Skylight for your application. Clearview’s team of window and door experts will assist you in selecting the correct skylights and accessories for your project.

Application – Velux skylights can be used in residential skylight applications and commercial skylight applications. When you are replacing an existing skylight, adding a skylight to and existing building or if your skylights will be used in new construction, We offer skylight designs suitable for your application.

Installation – Velux offers complete skylight systems; flashing kits, choices of manual operators, powered operators complete with switches and/or remotes, kits for blinds (manual and remote). Other than installation supplies and wiring Velux comprehensive skylight systems minimizes the risk of leaks and ensures that all optional components such and blinds and operators work properly with the skylights you select.

Tubular Skylights Tubular skylights consist of a dome on your roof to gather the sunlight, a highly reflective hollow tube to direct the captured sunlight to correct location in your interior space and ceiling mounted lens to diffuse the light and project the light into the space to be illuminated.

Tubular slights can be used when:

1. You don’t want to have you ceiling surface broken up with skylights and their associated light wells

2. It is not practical to locate a conventional skylight above the space to be illuminated. The dome of a tubular does not have to be mounted directly above the lens.

3. The space to be illuminated is not suited for a conventional skylight – hallway, spot illumination above an entry, small room such as a walk-in closet or bathroom

4. Where privacy is a consideration.

5. Retrofit application when you want a cost effective installation.

Clearview has carefully evaluated the available brands of tubular skylight and has chosen to offer Solatube Tubular Skylights.

Solatube offers the highest % of daylight capture, weather tight, leak proof design, and a good choice of sizes and a choice of lens design and appearance. We can show you the Solatube skylights and options, discuss installation, and assist in selection of the correct skylight and options. Once you have decided on the Solatube Skylights and options we can provide you cost estimates for the product and if you prefer the installation as well.

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