Windows and doors must be installed properly to ensure that they operate smoothly and to protect you home from air and water penetrating the wall around the windows. Improper installation may lead to structural damage from rot and to growth of fungus in your walls. Windows and doors in new construction must be installed according to manufactures recommended methods. Failure to do so can compromise the installation and void the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, installation materials and supplies should conform to American Architectural Manufacturers Association, AAMA, specifications. These specifications cover, caulk, window and door flashing, and fasteners.

Replacement windows and doors require special attention to removal and installation practices. Unlike new construction careful consideration must be given to the type of window or door to be removed, the exterior of the home (wood siding, brick, stucco, masonry, vinyl siding metal siding, log construction). The interior finish also affects the type of window and door installation. If the windows are trimmed with wood trim or dry wall returns to the face of the window, and if sills are present the window installation methods will vary. Many window and door replacement companies, cut out the old window or door, or remove all the window components except the old frame and slip in a new window or door, screwing through the frame of the new window/door fastening it to the home. The exterior of the window or is then caulked to fill gap between the window and the home. While this is simple and inexpensive in many instances it is not the best method.

American Window and Door Institute, AWDI, and AAMA both recommend installation practices and materials to be used for replacement windows and replacement doors. AAMA has developed a training program for installing windows and doors. This program, Installation Masters, trains and certifies window and doors installation professionals

Whether you are purchasing replacement windows, replacement doors or are installing windows and doors in new construction applications, consider using trained installation professionals. Clearview offers installation services. Our installers are factory trained, and are supervised by Certified Installation Masters. Clearview has earned the distinctions of being a Marvin Authorized Installing Retailer and Milgard Certified Installation Dealer. Our experienced professionals will select the correct installation method for your application whether it is for replacement windows and door or new construction. Our installers will follow manufactures installation methods and/or AAMA recommended methods where appropriate. Our training, certifications, 22 years of experience and BBB A+ rating gives you the assurance that you new windows and doors will be installed properly.

For more information on windows and doors, download our Guide to Replacement Windows.

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