Solatube – Tubular Skylight

Solatube tubular sylights are the innovative way to add light to living rooms, kitchens, closets, bathrooms and any other room in your home. Solatube tubular skylights are simple to install, in most cases within two hours. Affordable, the Solatube leak proof design can be installed in most roofs. Solatube tubular skylights can do more than bring daylight into your living spaces. With the optional light kit you can use your Solatube for evening lighting. Get rid of can lights and have one sleek lens in your ceiling that brings in day light and gives you evening lighting as well. A Solatube with a vent fan kit and light kit is  a great solution for a dark bathroom. One ceiling fixture gives you natural light in the day, evening lighting and also fan ventilation for your bathroom. Energy Star rated products? Holding true to their motto “Innovation in Daylighting” Solatube offers optional kits that meet Energy Star standards in our temperature zone. Learn more about Solatube tubular skylights; contact us, visit our showroom, or click here

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